Premium CBD Oil Topicals

Looking for a natural way to support your overall wellness? CBD oil topicals are perfect for on-the-go relief. Our premium CBD oil topicals are formulated with THC-free CBD oil and a variety of beneficial botanicals. Choose between our jarred salves, cooling sports cream, or massage oil for the topical support that fits your lifestyle and needs. Our CBD skincare formulations are designed to be used daily, providing ageless beauty and a balanced state of being. Pure and clean, our products are perfect for those seeking an alternative way to support their wellness routine.
  • $49.95

      Help your entire body and mind feel at ease. Support healthy-looking skin Connect with your partner in new and deep ways.   View the lab reports for these products.

  • $39.95

      Soothe sore muscles after a workout. Feel the benefits that reach beyond skin deep. Stop letting stiff joints hold you back from doing what you love.  View the lab report for this product.

  • $54.95

      Fast relief from pain and inflammation. Can be applied locally for pinpointed accuracy. Broad spectrum CBD ensures the highest quality   View the lab report for this product.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are Canna Cubans Premium CBD Topicals?

    Canna Cubans CBD Topicals are our exclusive line of CBD products designed for topical application. Our line of topical CBD products includes a CBD salve, stick, cream, and sports cream designed to benefit a variety of different needs.

  • How much Canna Cubans CBD Topicals should I use?

    Canna Cubans Premium CBD Topicals are formulated to be used as needed. Apply a small amount of CBD cream or salve to affected areas and reapply throughout the day whenever you desire relief.

  • How should I use Canna Cubans Premium CBD Topicals?

    Canna Cubans Topical CBD products should be applied directly to the skin wherever you desire relief. Topicals should be applied as needed to relieve discomfort and support healthy skin.