How to Take CBD to Maximize Benefits

How to Take CBD to Maximize Benefits | CannaCubans

CBD has become THE buzzword to dominate health and wellness since becoming federally legal in 2018. While CBD may seem like it's everywhere, over 60% of Americans have yet to try the cannabinoid, and only 14% use CBD regularly. The gap between the hype and the actual number of people who know how to take CBD effectively is alarming, so we've decided to dedicate a post discussing how to use the cannabinoid properly.


How CBD Affects our Bodies


Part of the reason why 40% of Americans have tried CBD but only 14% use it consistently is a misunderstanding of how CBD delivers benefits. Many first-time users will try CBD oil, wait a few minutes, report not feeling anything, then never use the product again.


Sadly, this interaction happens too often. The user is either uneducated about CBD or has unrealistic expectations.


Once you understand how CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), you will be able to use your products correctly and maximize the benefits.




Cannabinoids like CBD and THC influence our bodies because we all (including animals) have an endocannabinoid system.


The complex network consists of 3 main parts:


  • Endocannabinoids
  • Cannabinoid Receptors
  • Enzymes


Using CBD has an indirect reaction with our cannabinoid receptors. Instead of effectively binding with the receptor and releasing chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, CBD slows down enzymes from breaking down endocannabinoids which bind with CB receptors.


A healthy flow of endocannabinoids helps us deal with anxiety, pain, memory, mood, and sleep conditions. Experts believe that using CBD consistently over a period of time will improve endocannabinoid production and leave our bodies in a better position to handle adverse external events.




The most influential endocannabinoid is anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule. If you've ever experienced a runner's high, you have the neurotransmitter anandamide to thank.

THC can bind with CB receptors because of its molecular structure. Anandamide is constructed similarly, allowing the compound to bind and activate CB receptors.


CBD inhibits the key enzyme fatty acid amaid hydrolase (FAAH), creating an uptick in anandamide production and delivering the benefits that have made CBD famous.


Finding Your Dose


Now that you know that improving endocannabinoid production isn't done overnight and consistent use is the best way to maximize benefits, it's time to learn how to find your ideal dose.


Unfortunately, there isn't a framework designed for specific conditions. Instead, users have to their sweet spot.


In addition, studies have found that CBD produces bell-shaped dose-response curves. Meaning if you take too little or too much, the benefits will decrease.


Below we walk you through the process of finding your ideal dose.


Start Slow


Begin with a small dose of 10-20mg, and use it every day for at least one week.


While side effects are rare, some people have reported adverse reactions to CBD like an upset stomach, loss of appetite, or nausea. Stop using CBD and consult your doctor if you start feeling any unpleasant side effects.


Assess Your Condition


After a week, assess your condition.


Do you feel any changes in pain throughout the day?


Are you feeling less depressed?


Has your anxiety decreased? 


Depending on your condition, you may need to take a larger dose. For example, researchers have found that higher dosages are more beneficial for treating anxiety.


Increase MG if Necessary


10-20mg typically isn't an adequate dose for most CBD users. However, everyone is different, and various factors like weight, metabolism, and tolerance influence how to take CBD. Most users find their ideal dose between 50 and 75mg.


If you feel comfortable, increase your dosage by 5-10mg and observe results for one week.


Continue a Consistent Regimen


Your ECS needs consistent dosing to improve endocannabinoid production. While some studies suggest that CBD can treat anxiety at high doses with relatively fast results, most conditions improve over time as your body produces more endocannabinoids.


CBD Bioavailability


The amount of usable CBD in your body is called bioavailability. When choosing a product and finding your ideal dose, you must consider bioavailability. Some methods have a much higher rate and don't require as significant of an amount to produce benefits.


Below are the four most popular administration methods ranked from most bioavailable to least.


Types of CBD


  • Smokable Flower/Vape – Inhaling CBD is the most efficient way to consume the cannabinoid; however, the health risks outweigh the added absorption rate. We do not recommend using smokable flower or vape to combat health issues. 
  • CBD Oil – Using sublingually CBD oil is the most efficient way to use CBD safely. 
  • Edible CBD – Eating CBD has a lower bioavailability rate than sublingual administration; we recommend using gummies if you prefer eating CBD. 
  • Topical CBD – The bioavailability rate of topical CBD isn't fully understood, but our skin isn't very permeable. Most experts recommend using a highly concentrated topical CBD product. 


While bioavailability is important, no method is perfect. If you don't like the taste of CBD oil or aren't going to use it consistently, we recommend trying another way (CBD gummies are amazing and more absorbent than other edibles) and making up for the lower absorption rate by increasing the dosage.


How To Take CBD Oil Properly


Our favorite administration method is sublingual CBD oil; it's easy to take and offers a relatively high bioavailability rate without severe health complications. However, you must use CBD oil correctly to get results.

Make sure you allow the oil to dissolve under your tongue or along your cheeks. Your mucosal glands in your mouth offer a direct path to the bloodstream. Hold the CBD in your mouth for as long as possible and try not to swallow any of the oil. The more CBD that is absorbed under the tongue, the better.


Premium CBD from Canna Cubans


We've covered the basics of how to take CBD, but there is always more to learn. Remember that CBD needs to be taken consistently to increase endocannabinoid production in the ECS to maximize benefits. Also, choosing a highly bioavailable administration method and finding your ideal dose will affect your experience.


Head over to the Canna Cubans shop page if you are ready to try some premium, highly bioavailable CBD products. 


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